No1 Open 1st Vale of Clwyd - Peter J Robinson No1 Open - 2nd Indian - Peter J Robinson No3 Open - 1st  Winter Morning - Peter J Robinson No3 Open - 2nd Don't Look Now But There's a Pom Over There - Mike Roberts No3 Open - 3rd Afternoon Woodland Light - Ian Robertson No4 Contre Jour - 2nd Warming Up - Rhiannon Robinson
No5 Open - 1st Misty Trees - Peter J Robinson No5 Open - 2nd Walking Home - Rhiannon Robinson Pilks-1  Pilkingtons Tophy - 1st Pilks-2  Pilkingtons Tophy - 2nd Pilks-3  Pilkingtons Tophy - 3rd PresTrophy - 1st Towards the Treetops Peter J Robinson
PresTrophy - 2nd NEC Light 2 - Chris Jones PresTrophy - 3rd Roof Section St Davids - Peter J Robinson Urban - 1st Taking Shelter - Rhiannon Robinson  Minolta DSC