Comp 1-Grade-1-1st What you looking at-Richard Walliker Comp 1-Grade-1-2nd Time Pieces-Geoff Leah Comp 1-Grade-1-3rd Wells Cathedral-Mike Hale Comp 1-Grade-1-HC Winter Moring-Geoff Leah Comp 1-Grade-1-C The light and the dark-Aaron Crowe Comp 1-Grade-2-1st Deckchair-Val Dolben
Comp 1-Grade-2-2nd To the beach-Val Dolben. Comp 1-Grade-2-3rd Can you see me-Mike Roberts Comp 1-Grade-2-HC Herondown park-Stuart Gethin : herondown park 4th Sept Comp 1-Grade-2-C Llandudno-Stuart Gethin : llandudno fri 1st. may Comp 2-Grade-1-1st Oh, you pretty thing-Richard Walliker Comp 2-Grade-2-1st In Flight meal-Chris Lees
Comp 2-Grade-1-2nd Don't Look Down!-Ray Humphries Comp 2-Grade-1-equal 3rd All quiet at Church point-Richard Walliker Comp 2-Grade-1-equal 3rd-beyond the Bridge-Chris Evans Comp 2-Grade-2-2nd Mouse and Nut-Pauline Pearce Comp 2-Grade-2-3rd Hand Off-Gus Lees : Llandudno Rugby, Sports Comp 2-Grade-2-C having fun-Stuart Gethin
Comp 2-Grade-2-C sunset over the oil rig-Val Dolben Comp 2-Grade-2-HC Spray-Gus Lees : LLSC, LLSC Champs/ Events, Sailing Comp 2-Grade-2-C Autumn Glory-Pauline Jones Trophy Comp winner - Something funny-Richard Walliker Comp 3-Grade-1-1st On the Edge-Ray Humphries Comp 3-Grade-1-2nd Barn Owl-Richard Walliker
Comp 3-Grade-1-3rd Liverpool Poppies-Mike Hale Comp 3-Grade-1-HC Guided Tour-Mike Hale Comp 3-Grade-1-C- Humber Moorings-Jill Bunting Comp 3-Grade-2-1st Starlights-Chris Lees Comp 3-Grade-2-2nd Bloodmoon Sequence-Chris Lees Comp 3-Grade-2-3rd Bathtime-Gus Lees : Wildlife
Comp 3-Grade-2-HC Gold Clock-Gus Lees Comp 3-Grade-2-C The Packet House, Worsley-Andy Botham Comp 4-Grade-1-1st  Last Man Down-Ray Humphries Comp 4-Grade-1-2nd Watching- John Smith Comp 4-Grade-1-3rd Tail of Light and Shade-Brian Colclough Comp 4-Grade-1-HC Mountain Stream-Mike Hale
Comp 4-Grade-1-C LightandShade-Jill Bunting Comp 4-Grade-1-C Get out of here-Richard Walliker Comp 4-Grade-2-1st Taxi-Gus Lees : 2015 01 Amsterdam, Events Comp 4-Grade-2-2nd Mousey mousey-Pauline Jones Comp 4-Grade-2-3rd on the hunt-Chris Lees Comp 4-Grade-2-HC intrigue-Sue Parkin  Comp 4-Grade-2-HC intrigue-Sue Parkin
Comp 4-Grade-2-C Making Honey-Ron Hobley Comp 4-Grade-2-C Give me a Hug-Wayne Trestain Comp 5-Grade-1-1st Bad hair day-Richard Walliker Comp 5-Grade-1-2nd Ice Walk-Ray Humphries Comp 5-Grade-1-3rd The Deep-Jill Bunting Comp 5-Grade-1-HC Reflections of Power- Jill Bunting
Comp 5-Grade-1-C Glen Etive-Ray Humphries Comp 5-Grade-1-C Samantha-John Smith Comp 5-Grade-2-1st The eyes have it-Sandiyah Hutton Comp 5-Grade-2-2nd A host of golden daffodils-Pauline Jones Comp 5-Grade-2-3rd Tranquility-Sue Parkin Comp 5-Grade-2-HC The Charity Collector-Ron Hobley  Comp 5-Grade-2-HC The Charity Collector-Ron Hobley
Comp 5-Grade-2-C Tan-y-Bwlch-John Morgan