Comp 1-Grade 1-1st joint-Dune-Jill Bunting Comp 1-Grade 1-1st joint-Snow Leopard-Graham Whitehead Comp 1-Grade 1-2nd-Happy Times-Tony Griffiths Comp 1-Grade 1-3rd joint-Lady in French Window-John Bowman Comp 1-Grade 1-3rd joint-Reduced to Rubble-Ray Humphries Comp 1-Grade 1-HC-Right of Way-Ray Humphries
Comp 1-Grade 1-C-Bee on a Shoo-Fly Flower-John Bowman Comp 1-Grade 1-C-Chasing my Shadow-David Smith Comp 1-Grade 1-C-Llyn Gwynant-John Bowman Comp 1-Grade 1-C-Moving light-Richard Walliker Comp 1-Grade 2-1st-Best in Air Show-Mary Hill Comp 1-Grade 2-2nd joint-Rose Light-Adrian Gordon
Comp 1-Grade 2-2nd joint-Woodpecker-Brian Colclough Comp 1-Grade 2-3rd-Misty Morning Stroll-Mary Hill Here I come : finepix52 Comp 1-Grade 2-HC-Its a Blue Day-Barrie Hill : finepix53 Comp 1-Grade 2-HC-Let Go-Paul Brookes Comp 1-Grade 2-HC-Looking on-Hilary Walliker
Comp 1-Grade 2-HC-Peace-Adrian Gordon Comp 1-Grade 2-C-Caffe'r sgwar-Mike Roberts Comp 1-Grade 2-C-Hydrangea-Mike Roberts Comp 1-Grade 2-C-Ploughing-Brian Colclough Comp 1-Grade 1-C-South Parade-Bill Grayson Comp 2-Grade 1-1st-Old lighthouse path-Aaron Crowe
Comp 2-Grade 1-2nd-Milky Way over a lone Hawthorn-Aaron Crowe Comp 2-Grade 1-3rd-Street Artist-John Bowman Comp 2-Grade 1-HC-Feast for Seagulls-Richard Walliker Comp 2-Grade 1-HC-SouthStack-Ray Humphries Comp 2-Grade 1-HC-tree lined path-David Smith Comp 2-Grade 1-C-Lines-Aaron Crowe
Comp 3-Grade 1-1st-No place to Linger-Ray Humphries Comp 3-Grade 1-2nd-Crescent moon and Venus-Aaron Crowe Comp 3-Grade 1-3rd Aber Falls-Aaron Crowe Comp 3-Grade 1-HC-LastLight-Jill Bunting Comp 3-Grade 1-HC-Mawdach Sunrise-Tony Griffiths Comp 3-Grade 1-C-The boat houses-Bill Grayson
Comp 3-Grade 1-C-Rhyl-Bill Grayson Comp 3-Grade 1-C-Autumn Light-Tony Griffiths Comp 3-Grade 1-C-Guardians-of-the-Countryside-Ray Humphries Comp 3-Grade 1-C-Lemur Workout-David Smith  Comp 3-Grade 1-C-Lemur Workout-David Smith Comp 3-Grade 2-1st-Cyril the Squirrel-Brian Colclough Comp 3-Grade 2-2nd-Snow Road-Val Dolben
Comp 3-Grade 2-3rd-Swan at Greenfield-Mary Hill Comp 3-Grade 2-HC-Another tin of Brasso please Grandad-Brian Colclough Comp 3-Grade 2-C-Bodnant in Winter-Mary Hill Comp 3-Grade 2-C-Rough Sea-Mike Roberts Comp 4-Grade 1-1st-Splash-Aaron Crowe Comp 4-Grade 1-2nd-TheTraveller-Jill Bunting
Comp 4-Grade 1-3rd-JohnstownCastle-Jill Bunting Comp 4-Grade 1-HC-Flowers for Billy-John Bowman : ALBERT DOCK, LIVERPOOL Comp 4-Grade 1-HC-Silent Cwm-Ray Humphries Comp 4-Grade 1-C-Sunrays-Aaron Crowe Comp 4-Grade 1-C-Beckoning Light-Ray Humphries Comp 4-Grade 1-C-Winter in Cwm-Richard Walliker
Comp 4-Grade 2-1st-Cute Cob-Brian Colclough Comp 4-Grade 2-2nd-Hoverfly on a Dogrose-Brian Colclough Comp 4-Grade 2-3rd-autumn colour-Val Dolben Comp 4-Grade 2-HC-happy seller-Mike Roberts Comp 4-Grade 2-C-Eiffel tower not where it should be-Val Dolben Comp 4-Grade 2-C-Conway Estuary-Barrie Hill
Comp 4-Grade 2-C-Portpatrick-Mary Hill Comp 4-Grade 2-C-What you looking at-Hilary Walliker Comp 5-Grade 1-1st-Point of Ayre sunset-Aaron Crowe Comp 5-Grade 1-2nd-Autumn Gold-Ray Humphries Comp 5-Grade 1-3rd-Silver Birch in Golden Hour-John Bowman : WINTER TREE Comp 5-Grade 1-HC-Still Water-Ray Humphries
Comp 5-Grade 1-C-Surfers-Jill Bunting Comp 5-Grade 2-1st-Preo Superbus-Brian Colclough Comp 5-Grade 2-2nd-Llandudno Windsurfer-Lyndon Bolshaw : Cannon EOS13 Comp 5-Grade 2-3rd-Borneo island sunset-Val Dolben : singapore Comp 5-Grade 2-HC-'Peaceful' Garden-Mary Hill Comp 5-Grade 2-C-Public To Personal Communication-Barrie Hill