Comp No1-Open-1st-Birch Grove-Pete Robinson Comp No1-Open-2nd-Roller-Bill Grayson Comp No1-Open-3rd-Sphinx-Jill Bunting Comp No1-Open-C-A Light In The Dark-Jill Bunting Comp No1-Open-C-Amphitheatre Nimes-Pete Robinson Comp No1-Open-C-Peacock-Jill Bunting
Comp No1-Open-HC-Hanging Around-Bill Grayson Comp No1-Open-HC-Monastery Moke-George Fellows Comp No1-Open-HC-Steep Landing-Ian Robertson Comp No1-Open-HC-Trekking To The Breithorne-Ian Robertson Comp No2-Open-1st-Winter Light Betws y Coed-Ian Robertson Comp No2-Open-2nd-Conway-Bill Grayson : Places
Comp No2-Open-3rd-Distortion-Geoff Leah Comp No2-Open-C-Artic Tern-George Fellows Comp No2-Open-C-High Level Fixers-Dave Smith Comp No2-Open-HC-Resting-Bill Grayson Comp No2-Open-HC-Weir- Jill Bunting Comp No3-Open-1st-Full Pelt-Dave Smith
Comp No3-Open-2nd-Staring Owl-Nigel Williams Comp No3-Open-3rd-I'm Coming-George Fellows Comp No3-HC-Blue-Jill Bunting Comp No3-C-Open-Beyond the Sea-Neil Johansson Comp No3-Open-C-Bridges-Jill Bunting Comp No3-Open-C-Butterfly-Nigel Williams
Comp No3-Open-C-The Apprentice-Bill Grayson : Animals, In Focus, High Quality Comp No4-Open-1st-Wave-Pete Robinson Comp No4-Open-2nd-River Etive-Ian Robertson Comp No4-Open-3rd-Scottish Highlands-Ian Robertson Comp No4-'Elements'-HC-Severe Weather Warning Salford-Geoff Leah Comp No5-Open-1st-Afternoon Light Rannoch Moor-Ian Robertson
Comp No5-Open-2nd-Tup-George Fellows Comp No5-Open-3rd-Prowling-Bill Grayson : Cheetas Comp No5-Open-HC-Coming Home-Pete Robinson Comp No5-Open-HC-Strolling-Bill Grayson Comp No5-Open-HC-View to Boch Eletive Mor-Ian Robertson Comp No5-Open-HC-Unchained-Jill Bunting
Comp No5-Open-C-Heads in Clouds-George Fellows Comp No5-Open-C-Beach House-Val Dolben Comp No5-Open-C-Lunch Time-George Fellows Comp No5-Open-C-Seascape Traeth Llydan-Pete Robinson Comp No5-Open-C-Wild Deer Glen Coe-Ian Robertson Comp No5-Open-C-Wild Mountain Goat-Pete Robinson
Comp No5-OpenC-Living at the Foot of the Mountain-Dave Smith